Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Sweet Refrain

yesterday I was clearing up all the clutter in my box and I hit upon my college album .
oh!what carefree days they were.In my mental time-line I seemed have frozen in the memories of those days.maybe that's why I often dream of going to class with under-grad friends,getting late for my exam so on so forth.
It all seemed to have happened yesterday.I still remember my first day at class,
where I met my friends for life .After the grueling plus two under-grad was a fresh change.In the prime of youth just as blossoming buds of rose we were a bunch on happy-go lucky lot.Nestled among colourful tabubia and lush green foliage our college was a  right back-drop to kindle the fire in us.My class was a bunch of talented lot, maybe that whetted my poetry-writing skills which had gone redundant after school.suddenly there was so much  to write which included my lecturer rekha ma'm also.
One of my close friend wrote good poetry and there were other class -mates who were also into it.
How can I forget to mention Raghu dixit who was then a budding singer then and would break-off into a strain at every drop of the hat.
my subjects were wonderful.MIcrobiology labs microscope unravelled a new world and bio-chem also made us wonder there was some many things happening to  food after we relish them ,at molecular level and finally botony we classified every plant we walked by.How can I forget  to mention about Bertrand russel essays they left an   everlasting   mark on paper of our lives.I carry a bit of my college all my life.and so   at the end of it   we   grew enriching each other lives and have moved on.
I enjoyed every bit of my stay there

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