Thursday, November 20, 2014

Sunday, September 30, 2012


Aha ! Barfi , sweet as its taste so is  the movie BURFI.WHAT a beautiful ,sweet name to  name a child.(actually it is murphy misspelt
with the first bite it caresses the taste buds. bite by bite we would want more only to realize the bufi is all gone.The flow of movie is smooth amongst flashback ;and present you  glide through the surplus emotions even the taints of pathos gets blended with movie .
ELLINA WITH her doe eyes speaks emotions through the  her eyes.PRIYANKA AS AUTISTIC CHILD lives up to her character .every moment u sit by with bated breath for next turn of events.shades of darkness and light play on the grand setting just  DARJEELING SHOTS AT its blend so well there a light breeze that pass by.
                        LOVE at its purest form and burfi is a celebration of platonic love.overall   it    whiff of fresh air in other .loved ever bit of movie.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Transitions are never good to perceive ,be it transition in nature or transitions in our personal lives.Not a very nice feeling to move from one phase to another.When soggy ,wet rainy season change to cold,dull grey winter  one's   immunity system might weaken to give way to nasty cold and flu.
At personal level too, when there is transition  from  one   stage to another there is so much one need to compound  to, be it losing somebody to vortex of time or moving into a life long commitment .Human mind tends to draw comfort from the existing situation be it good or bad. It requires great cajoling and coaxing to move out and find greener pastures.Just as baby's first steps so uncertain or of a young bird learning to fly .
Great discoveries have been made when ordinary mortals thought out of the box,kindled the fire in them and let sail to their thoughts took in transitions smoothly and moved on.
Just as non-living things tend to have INERTIA human mind seem to develop snag.
As Bhagavad-gita says change is way of life.
Everything seems to be transitory sadness and happiness .just have to move with the flow

Thursday, July 28, 2011

free spirit

Each day is a new day.Every sunrise brings something new  and every sunset has left  me with something new.
Spirit is free. No matter what hurdles life has thrown at my step, I have leapt and galloped over them to bounce back .For few fleeting moments life seemed dull, yet again life has offerered   beautiful moments.Like a reed in a meadow caught in gale  , swaying with all might: but  when rough winds wane, springs back  dancing to gentle breeze yet again.  ..Aha !what fun it is to take each day as it is ,with no baggage of past both good or bad .savouring every moment:; living life passionately. life seem to drift on.
Celebrate life, every moment every day.
At the wake of dawn , when fresh air caress my cheeks awakening my soul after a slumber,
The feel of tender morning light warming up my soul,
when delicate shadow  of   leaves   dance on my  window pane,
when  fierce afternoon turn into beautiful evening,pretty pink strewn all over the sky as somebody had sky as their canvas
when colourful evening slips into  starry nights ,
when first drops  of rain  played on  my  cheeks to create a raphsody in my  being I FEEL ALIVE.
feel blessed to be alive.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

I do not have a tab OF  how many times I have  seen "GUZARISH".POETRY IN MOTION PICTURES.FRAME BY FRAME THEY COME TO LIFE.Each time I watch the movie I see something new.  .trancending to that can feel the pulse of characters.THE MAIN  protagonist    IS A PARAPLEGIC WHO IN HIS MISERABLE LIFE HAS GREaT SENSE OF HUMOUR.
life seems so beautiful amidst misery and pain.It seems to  convey not to  leave   fleeting happy moments unsung and unseen.LIFE SEEM TO DRIFT OFF , WHEN IMMERSED IN SORROW ONLY TO TURN BACK  AND see   SO MUCH ONE HAS MISSIED.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


"why live in world of deception ????????????
 smiling face have  dark shades to it. 
 whom are you fooling, yourself or the world  around ?
Pause, and  look within you are not what you  percieve."

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

"Happy moments as percieved are not so ; for there are more Happier moments to come by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
   so are sad  moments . Just enjoy that  moment . life has so many suprises that takes u unguarded......"