Saturday, January 9, 2010

As I sit overlooking my garden outside ,on  a  grey wintry calm evening when everything around seems to be in repose I feel in sync with  the serenity of the moment just enjoying the moment to the fullest. A sense of calm spreads in me.My mind seemed to ponder on a fleeting thought . No wonder what phase of life ,every small momemt is to  be enjoyed or felt with heart.just to be in the moment ,be it good r bad .to try and be an observer of every action and reaction of ours.
we r amazed ouself how irrationally we behave to particular situations maybe after years of interacting people I have stopped classifing people as good or bad.It just that people react differently to different  situations .just remembering someone in class whom u loathed might somewhere down the line in road of life might turn out to be a angel.
Depending on our beliefs ,dependind on our conditining  we react to situations.

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