Thursday, July 28, 2011

free spirit

Each day is a new day.Every sunrise brings something new  and every sunset has left  me with something new.
Spirit is free. No matter what hurdles life has thrown at my step, I have leapt and galloped over them to bounce back .For few fleeting moments life seemed dull, yet again life has offerered   beautiful moments.Like a reed in a meadow caught in gale  , swaying with all might: but  when rough winds wane, springs back  dancing to gentle breeze yet again.  ..Aha !what fun it is to take each day as it is ,with no baggage of past both good or bad .savouring every moment:; living life passionately. life seem to drift on.
Celebrate life, every moment every day.
At the wake of dawn , when fresh air caress my cheeks awakening my soul after a slumber,
The feel of tender morning light warming up my soul,
when delicate shadow  of   leaves   dance on my  window pane,
when  fierce afternoon turn into beautiful evening,pretty pink strewn all over the sky as somebody had sky as their canvas
when colourful evening slips into  starry nights ,
when first drops  of rain  played on  my  cheeks to create a raphsody in my  being I FEEL ALIVE.
feel blessed to be alive.


  1. Extremely profound... there is a run to the pitch of the writing that makes it sound like a poem.. The articulation is brilliant..
    Just took me one read to grasp the emotion that backgrounds the writing..
    Keep it going...

  2. Thank a lot Arun Ramu.That was a lovely comment and left by you....
    Encouraging words motivate me to delve into my unruly thoughts and pen them down
    read your blog, loved each one of them.
    u r a
    "A techie with a poetic soul."