Sunday, September 30, 2012


Aha ! Barfi , sweet as its taste so is  the movie BURFI.WHAT a beautiful ,sweet name to  name a child.(actually it is murphy misspelt
with the first bite it caresses the taste buds. bite by bite we would want more only to realize the bufi is all gone.The flow of movie is smooth amongst flashback ;and present you  glide through the surplus emotions even the taints of pathos gets blended with movie .
ELLINA WITH her doe eyes speaks emotions through the  her eyes.PRIYANKA AS AUTISTIC CHILD lives up to her character .every moment u sit by with bated breath for next turn of events.shades of darkness and light play on the grand setting just  DARJEELING SHOTS AT its blend so well there a light breeze that pass by.
                        LOVE at its purest form and burfi is a celebration of platonic love.overall   it    whiff of fresh air in other .loved ever bit of movie.

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