Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Aha! after a long time I had the computer for myself which made me browse and browse to heart-content.so much to read ! so much to explore !web never ceazes to bore me.I get entangled in its web and read everything under the sun.
Today I I have taken my blog seriously .just as I was contemplating on what to write (yeah I have always felt the surge to write about what I feel about things around.to give vent to my feelings ) I happened to read O HENRY'S LAST LEAF .Such a touching story of dying lady who lay on the bed overlooking an Ivy tree.
who's leaves were all falling apart as autumn was around and counting her days with number of leaves left .she felt that she will wither too as the last leaf falls off
but to her suprise the last leaf does not fall off at all bringing back new life to her.But in the end while she is on the path of recovery she gets to know that the leaf had been painted by her kind-hearted neighbour who in the process succumbs to pneumonia which was alinig the whole town.
Very touching story which made me go on thinking trail .No matter what difficult phase one is going through there is always an innate fire to pull on.never give up on life . ONE KIND DEED OR KIND WORD CAN GO A LONG WAY AND CAN ANCHOR A PERSON IN DISTRESS.

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