Tuesday, November 10, 2009


let me write about my naughty li'l son who just sleeping soundly close by.naughty is the word for him .He is 2 and half and I wonder where he has all the energy to run around to pull things off their place and do all kind of wacky stuff .His diction, my god!!!! keeps me amazed as to where he picks them from.just wants to do all the things we do.keeps giggling,laughing.I call him happy man.is great foodie.maybe b'coz I used to watch lot travel and living cookery shows I guess!!!!!!!!!!just kidding!!!!!!
he drives me mad by his antics.how come all young ones r naughty .when watching animal planet I always wondered about this.
Children of this generation I guess r born smart maybe b'coz lot of stimulation from mass-media.My kido has his own ways of getting things done from me.He knows very well that I D'NT GIVE into his tantrums resort to sweet talk like "AMMA in his sweetest voice,kisses me and melts me down.As I develop new tactics to control he tooo comes me his own tactics to get his own.AMAZING KIDS


  1. What do i comment on ! Its the mind of all mothers !universally !!!You are blessed to have been chosen as his mentor...Be a true one..

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