Tuesday, November 10, 2009


gift of flab is gift which most of us have,does not require much effort to acquire it.just have to frequent ice-cream joints,pizza corner,hog on ur favourite pastries and lo !!!!!!!!!u have it at all.
one ,which most of world seemed to be fighting to get off it.so many sacrifices to make to keep it off.
once acquired not easy to let go.


  1. You have been busy, girl!! Keep the posts coming! Your son is so cute! He must be keeping you super-busy. Are you working now? I read O Henry's Last Leaf a long time ago but still remember it vividly. Love all his short stories - the irony of life he brings forth and humor sometimes.
    I don't post everyday, once or twice a month mostly. Sometimes I go on a posting spree and even then its probably about 4-5 a month. Here is how I look at the blog - it is my space to write what I want, when I want and how I want. It is a great place to vent. I don;t put pressure on myself to post often as I'm not looking for traffic or comments. If that happens, it's great. if not, that's fine too.
    I have been meaning to start a new blog on Malvika and her antics but have not found time for that. The things she does and says will soon be forgotten and replaced by new things. A blog is a great way to capture all the interesting moments.
    Take care, Mrinal. Wil catch up with you soon.

  2. No Vani I d'nt work now, planning to get back by june as AMSH WILL start school . At hubby's place in Bangalore I D'NT GET ACCESS computer easily as my husband Vijay carries it to office.I have to go to net parlour.here at my mother's place I CAN access it all the time.I keep shuttling between Mysore and Bangalore.one month here one month there,till he statrs school.
    Vani it would really nice when u start a blog on Malavika.ya I agree, blog is more like a diary.vani ru on orkut????????????facebook?
    can I add u there.I loved every article on ur blog it right from the heart.