Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Like   all doting mothers my life revolves round my  li'l  sonny.Earlier I had time to smell flowers ,watch clouds sail through the sky   but now I'm   lost in my sonny world.Enjoying every moment of my motherhood.A feeling of bliss and contentment.
   each phase of life has its own good times I guess.Amsh is   growing up   so r his never ending questions.Always questioning, probably for once  all his silence have given way to speech.he wants  to visit the butterflies and calls streets loving  cats home for lunch.I stop  by and ponder for once I realize that    I am  getting caught up in life...


  1. Hey Mrinal, how you doing? Me slowly settling down in Bangalore. Our cargo is yet to reach us.

    I see you've been busy blogging. Keep it going, girl. I find writing to be therapeutic. Recently read Robin Sharma's book where he encourages journaling. So started an online journal, a personal one. I must say it has been really helpful, esp with so much going on right now.

    Enjoy motherhood. They grow up so fast, alva?

  2. nice to hear from u Vani.I am doing fine Vani just was busy with my sis wedding.great to hear that u r at Bangalore.How r u getting used to Bangalore life?have u made the blog public?I'm eager to read it.congatulations read some good news about u on ur blog.how is it going now?