Tuesday, February 23, 2010

was busy with my sister's wedding so could not do blog for long time.But meanwhile  in midst of my  busy life a  incident  stayed on with me and I wanted to write on it.During my sister's wedding  we  shopped few of  exquisite kajiivaram  silk sarees .the sarees were lovely   and  exquisite.  we  had to visit the tailor  . The   tailor happened  to be a lady in her mid forties who along with  her three sister's eked a  living out of it.they lived in a dingy dilapidated house with nobody  to care for.They  marvelled at the beauty      the  sarees .They too wished  to  own such sarees probably.U c ,dreams do not go with pocket size.I could c that   longing in  their eyes.I felt guilt pang somewhere.
 It reminded me of award winning movie "kangivaram  where the protaganist who  is a poor weaver of most exquisite ,expensive  kangivaram silk saree .the story goes something like this where he swears on the birth of his daughter     to weave one of these sare for her marriage.he steals each thread between his teeth everyday  back home.the story takes a serious turn later.
this incident reminded me so much of that movie.Maybe  we should  stop and think when we splurge on some unwanted things.


  1. I never saw that movie but Dad said, it was a wonderful. Sometimes, looking at misery and pain...questions pop up...the fellow who weaves can't own one!!!!

  2. Yes Mrinalini
    thats one great movie, though i do not know Tamil. Prakash rai/raj is a versatile actor.
    malathi S

  3. heello Malathi,
    sorry I had not seen ur comment.thanks for visiting my blog .read ur blog too .quite interesting one.