Sunday, June 13, 2010

Train of thoughts

Train journey has a mystic charm by itself.I mean the less crowded  journey  with scenic landscape .As the train  marches and chugs through the  green meadows ;with  cows  grazing  and over the bridge and over the river my mind automatically  slips into  chains of  thoughts.A kind of trance .Some sweet  memories just  seemed to linger on .I just seemed to  enjoy  being with myself oblivious of world around I wander through the garden of memories  some very  mirthful some with melancholic lost in my own world only  to  be interrupted by  by hooting of the train.frame  by frame new    scenery  unfold.          
Through my weekend journey , I  have  met many people ;made lasting friends ,shared   my thoughts and  dreams with  strangers who suddenly seemed  to have become close to me but  as the train  journey  ended  some promised to  keep in touch ,but some seemed to   have  become one amongst many person I meet on the road.Train  will always  bring new cheer,usher happy memories.


  1. you are right.....
    train journey always remember.....
    i love train journey between Delhi to Mangalore (konkan rail)
    thanks for sharing with us.......

  2. Thanks Praveen for the comments.
    u r really lucky to commute often in that route.