Sunday, May 16, 2010

mesmerizing rains

Like  the parched  earth I have been  waiting   eagerly  for the first spell of  rain drops.Dark clouds gather up above; a ಗೆನ್ತ್ಲೇ breeze blew caressing  foliage.All  wait fot the  moment with baited breath ,smell of rain  filled the air.first  musical drops fall . Rhapsody soul soars with spirit of the magical moment.oh !my  love for rain is eternal.As a child  looked at rain with wonder and amazement,as I grew to be a  rainbow hued  dreamy young  girl   my love for rains  doubled    .rain has always  caught my fancy ,my imagination .I still remember how me and my friends had danced  on hostel terrace in pouring rain .  oh!what fun it was.
                  rain has has inspired poets,film directors and all the starry eyed people like me.It has churned out emotions both sad and happy.most beautiful  and romantic songs are rain songs .My all  time favourite being "rim gim rim gim"how beautiful monisha  looked .
Most memorable are the rainy  days in grandma place in Malnad.OH enchanting it was rain all through the day me sipping eating endless hot stuff complete bliss .now I enjoy rain with my li'l one.How nice it is see my son put his li'l  palm out of window to catch the dripping rain.


  1. Woww Mrinal.... this is a very nice blog. read a few posts and they r interesting. very vivid beautiful description here and good choice of words and photos :)
    Happy blogging!!

  2. thanks Anu do share your blog with me too