Sunday, May 16, 2010

last evening as I was pondering what to do .  The  sky  seemed  to break  open any moment .My  li'l one was  pestering me to take him  out to the park  to which   I reluctantly agreed.By the time we started it already  was late but then I had to go .As we reached, he dashed across in gay  to climb over the slide.There were some parents with   their kids too.
As I sat on bench  watching my son's play another young mother  happened to occupy  the other corner of bench
         lo!!!!!!!!!!!!I  instantly   we   recognized    each  other      and believe  me   we  were  meeting each other after  a gap of  20 long years .she was my close friend in  fourth class after which we had to part as she joined another school.I am still amazed how I could  recognize her  there were no bright lights around  just an hazy street  falling subtly on our faces.maybe this can all be explained as sixth sense .whatever the joy of  meeting somebody close to you  is unexplainable.

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